Church Mission Statement

At Spring Creek Baptist Church, we have a vision to Reach, Equip and Send Fully Devoted Followers of Christ. Through special sermons and equipping Bible studies, we are focusing our eyes on that goal.

God desires for His people to come together and join Him in His work. There are many benefits individually and corporately for believers to fellowship together, serve one another, and work side-by-side for the cause of Christ and the furthering of His truth—the Gospel.

How to Become a Member

At Spring Creek, there are several ways you may become an official member of our family:

  • By receiving Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and following Him in Believer’s Baptism. If you have any questions about how to do this, or what that means, please contact our pastor.
  • By transfer of letter: If you have joined a Southern Baptist church before, we can easily contact your previous church and request that they pass your membership on to us.
  • By statement of faith: If your membership records cannot be found, we will accept your testimony as a baptized believer.
  • By baptism from another denomination: If you have been scripturally baptized by immersion in another denomination and believe as we do about that baptism, then we will gladly accept you into our fellowship as a new member.

At the close of every service, the pastor offers an invitation. This is the time for you to come forward and let him know how you would like to join the church. If you’re still confused, please contact Spring Creek and we will talk you through it step by step!