History of Spring Creek

In 1821 Austin began bringing in families to the Spring Creek country. In seeking a location they considered where they might find good water and plenty of wood for building, cooking and heating. Spring Creek seemed to be the ideal place to settle and it was also only 6.5 miles from the County Seat.

By 1854 individual families began to purchase land from the Mississippi and Pacific Rail Road. The community derived its name from the creek that that provided water all year round. It was fed from the natural springs that seeped through the sand and rock banks which were usually covered with a beautiful fern.

The first settler of Spring Creek was Mr. T.J. Shaw who also built the first house. It was a beautiful log home. He was a tanner by trade and also a skilled carpenter. Other names of first settlers included the Pickards, Pitillos, Abbotts, Voorhies, Eddlemans and the Blackwells. The first school was built in 1865 and the first church was build in 1874. The community donated benches that were built of split logs and had no backs, These benches are still in use at the Spring Creek Tabernacle.

The Spring Creek settlers had a unique love for the Lord as they enjoyed attending church services regularly. Each Sunday evening they would gather in one home playing the organ and would sing songs of praise. The Spring Creek settlers were dull by no means. We are proud of the past, the heritage handed down to us and we hope to be worthy of those sturdy pioneers who labored that we might enjoy the luxuries of today.

History of Spring Creek Baptist Church

On March 25, 1882 Pleasant Point Baptist Church was organized with twenty charter members. John Turner was the first Pastor. Meetings were held every fourth Saturday and Sunday of each month. They enjoyed preaching on Saturday night, Sunday morning and a prayer meeting was held on Sunday night.

The church joined the Brazos Point Association (forerunner of the Parker Association) in July of 1882. It has been an active member of the Parker County Association since November 1886.

The church first held on Sunday School classes in 1885. The Baptist Young Peoples Union was organized in 1913. It was evident that this church has a long tradition of loving both discipleship and young people.

In 1955 the church began to conduct weekly services. Prior to this the Pastor would typically serve more than one church on rotating Sundays.

The church originally met at the Pleasant Point Schoolhouse. It met there from March 1882 until January 1901 when the school was moved. After that time the church met at the home of J. A. Milburn until a more suitable place could be found. J. W. Pickard Sr gave property near the crossroads of Cresson and Granbury Hightways and a building capable of accommodating 250 persons was dedicated in September of 1901. This building was used until 1949 when the church moved to Spring Creek.

The first service at the new location was held on October 9, 1949. A new auditorium was completed in July of 1951. A brick education building was added in 1977. The present worship center was built in 1982 with its first service held on Easter Sunday 1983. Construction on the Family Life Center began in 1988 and it was in use on October 30, 1988. The pulpit and Pedestals are the actual ones used for many years before the new auditorium was built.